South Queensferry Extension

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This is a refurbishment and addition to a house on Station Road in South Queensferry. One of a series of nineteenth century stone villas built to take advantage of spectacular views over the Firth of Forth, the house suffered like many of its period from poor kitchen and service facilities and the lack of a connection to its garden.

This addition resolves all these issues. A spectacular new room to the side of the existing house accommodates the new kitchen, utility space and garage. This room terminates a new axis of principle rooms orientated to the Forth. It is skewed to align with the Forth Bridge and with a dramatic exposed timber roof structure the new building has been designed to acknowledge the scale of the Firth. A new terrace forms a datum, anchoring the house to its garden and providing improved outdoor living space. On the lower floor a granny flat has a direct relationship with the garden.

The addition was built over a 6 month period by a conscientious general contractor who was willing to take on the complexity of the roof structure. The exposed Douglas Fir roof beams are skewed as a reference to the structure of the Forth Bridge and were constructed using a full size CAD model developed by the architects. The timber frame structure was built off site and is finished with pre-weathered zinc cladding and roofing. A double garage replaces an untidy timber shed.


7 Station Road
South Queensferry


David Jamieson


David Learmond





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  • Conservation
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  • House extensions and renovations
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