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Thomas Robinson Architects Ltd

The Pines is sited on an immaculate crescent of individually designed houses, adjacent to Gleneagles Hotel in Auchterarder. It was commissioned as a large, private, family home and we feel that it successfully meets the criteria of the clients.

Thomas Robinson Architects designed the house in the Arts and Crafts style, paying utmost attention to the smallest details, to ensure that the house fits seamlessly into its architectural surroundings and enhances the tranquil and sophisticated setting. Using the Arts and Crafts style, architects can create substantial and impressive country houses in a manner that retains a degree of modesty and restrained good taste. As the name implies, it values and celebrates craftsmanship and artistic endeavour. The Pines is an exceptionally detailed design and used many expert craftsmen, therefore we believe that we have adhered well to the principles of the style.


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Thomas Robinson Architects


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