David Walker Gardens

Smith Findlay : Architects

David Walker gardens is approx 4600 sq metres GIFA on 3 floors including a basement. The 48 bedrooms/suites are organised in a 3 wing U-shape and the building is orientated on an east-west access to ensure optimum internal privacy for bedrooms, to reduce shading and provide maximum daylighting and to reduce overlooking to the adjoining residential properties. The building has been organised to maximise green principles by orientating the majority of bedrooms around the central south facing garden. Glazed areas to south elevations are maximised to ensure useful winter solar gain and the number of bedrooms to the north elevations are minimised. Natural ventilation is proposed to 95% of the accommodation and the north facing elevation is heavily insulated. It is intended that the south facing internal garden area contained within the wings will assist the creation of a social space through the enhancement of the microclimate in this area and the provision of solar penetration without windy conditions. Window openings have been sized to maximise natural daylight and control the natural ventilation.


McCallum Street
South Lanarkshire
United Kingdom


A Gordon Smith
Project Director


South Lanarkshire Council



Contract Value

£8.2 Million


  • Health
  • Residential