Roman Fields (Phases 1-3)

Cooper Cromar

Award-winning Phase One and Two of the Roman Fields residential project comprises approximately 85 new homes and forms the beginning of a wider range of redevelopment for the former mining town of Twechar in East Dunbartonshire, providing 150 new homes, open space and infrastructure.

The development comprises a mixture of cottage flats, terraced houses, and semi-detached houses with disabled access, and provides both active streetscapes and passive surveillance of adjoining open space, together with a road and footpath network reflecting Designing Streets design philosophy which engages with the existing adjacent housing and open amenity play spaces.

House types and internal layouts have been designed to optimise south and west facing aspects for both living areas and outdoor areas as a means of capturing passive solar gain, and the use of terraces in some locations provides a welcome wind break to the street environment.

Two storey housing with active gable ends provide interesting streetscapes, with grassed front gardens of different depths dependent upon the location within the development and the degree of privacy required. Front gardens are open plan, with no fences or gates, creating a sense of place and providing controlled finishes to all streetscapes including feature walls and hedging at suitable locations.


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