Premier Inn and Hub Hotel

Allan Murray Architects

Part of the larger New Waverley masterplan, and retaining the Canongate Venture to the east of this site has allowed the creation of a pair of hotel buildings, each of differing character.

The eastern one, clad in aluminium planks, flanks the Canongate Venture, and is enlivened by colours sampled from the range of stone colours of the Canongate Venture.

The western one is stone clad. On East Market Street, it is set apart from the eastern building to allowing a new garden court space to be introduced. At the corner of East Market Street and Cranston Street, a triangular building of two storeys drops the scale of the massing to maintain views of Calton Hill from the top of Cranston Street. To the east of this building, a tower composed of stone columns and beams establishes a strong urban marker. The eaves of the adjacent wing step up Cranston Street in blocks, so that the mass of the building appears to step up with the topography of the site.


East Market Street
United Kingdom


Allan Murray Architects


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