Sauchiehall Poetry Experience / Housing Craft Based Business – Glasgow © Andrew Martin McCluskie

Sauchiehall Poetry Experience / Housing Craft Based Business – Glasgow

Andrew Martin McCluskie

University of Strathclyde

Project Description

Poetry plays an important part in Glasgow’s cultural history and the only Scottish building dedicated to poetry exists in Edinburgh and its recent extension removes the element that enhances the public realm. In order to address this, ‘Sauchiehall Poetry Experience’ is planned the way a poem is written; a piece enriched by little moments peppered throughout and the programme dedicated to the interpersonal experience of poetry, writing, reading and listening, alone and with others.

Arts and Craft are synonymous with this building's Merchant city context, so it makes little sense that those whose livelihood provides this character are priced out of the area. 'Housing Craft Based Business' addresses this by providing affordable spaces to live, create and sell. The scheme aims to maximise the potential of site by thoughtful treatment of public and private spaces allowing HCBB to be feel welcoming to the general public without compromising residents’ experience.

Sustainability Agenda

Both schemes have been created with sustainability in mind. Brownfield Sites have been used in both cases so as to minimise the physical impact on the environment. Tight planning also minimises the amount of energy required to heat the schemes while keeping influenceable construction costs low. Housing Craft Based Business is clad in locally reclaimed brick with a structure in steel, with deconstruction in mind so most elements can be reused at the end of the building’s life. The internal courtyard houses a small garden space helping to offset the carbon emissions of the scheme. Sauchiehall Poetry Experience conceptually is carved out of thick walls giving the building very low u-value potential due to high thermal mass, helped in part by the in situ concrete cladding. The internal timber cladding will come locally from a sustainable forest and will be finished in a contaminant free coating.