Miln St: Dundee's Creative Destination – Dundee © Greg Dommett, Misa Elliot, Rebecca Foy

Miln St: Dundee's Creative Destination – Dundee

Greg Dommett, Misa Elliot, Rebecca Foy

University of Dundee

Project Description

Blackness was one of Dundee’s primary industrial areas. Situated adjacent to both the city centre and the universities, it is in a prime location for development, yet due to focus being on the waterfront, it has been allowed to steadily deteriorate over the years. This project suggests utilising the burgeoning creative scene of Dundee to physically manifest itself within Blackness in order to re-embed it into the city fabric. The city itself should be promoted as an exhibition space - allowing the creative industries to occupy space, streets and squares throughout the city. This will solidify Dundee’s identity as a creative city whilst celebrating its industrial heritage, tangibly expressing its creative ambitions, as well as giving a permanence and grounding to the existing underlying community. With Miln Street at its core, this project aims to develop the street and its immediate surroundings to become Dundee’s Creative Destination.

Sustainability Agenda

This project meets a sustainable agenda as the proposal is centred around the human experience. As part of the wider urban proposal, Miln Street is fully pedestrianised to encourage walking and cycling; the heavier industrial building uses that encouraged cars into the area are replaced by creative working spaces and supplementary facilities such as cafes and galleries. The proposal includes increased amount of open, green spaces, adding public spaces as well as street planting, creating green breathing space amongst the post industrial buildings. A key part of the proposal also focussed on reworking the existing industrial buildings instead of demolishing them and starting afresh - thereby increasing the life of the buildings and reusing existing structures. The project addresses sustainability in a holistic sense, examining all aspects from transport hierarchy to community development, safety by design and sustainable building developments.