Denburn Health Centre, Dental Facility – Aberdeen © Jennifer Marie Laffan

Denburn Health Centre, Dental Facility – Aberdeen

Jennifer Marie Laffan

Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and Built Environment

Project Description

As part of a larger master plan for a modernist health centre in Aberdeen (undertaken in pairs), this individual project focuses on the dental facility.
The focus is on the user and staff experience, creating a comfortable, anxiety free environment.

Design started by studying ambidextrous accessible treatment rooms and implementing them into the space, which offers views upwards and outwards throughout. The waiting area is designed around a generous garden-like light well whilst sky lights are placed above treatment chairs. The timber interior helps to create a warm welcome with subtleties such as different coloured lights to aid way finding to treatment rooms and a planting system around the light well.

It is hoped that by creating a calm and warming environment, the fearful stigma attached with visits to the dentist will be reduced.

Sustainability Agenda

The masterplanning of this design was a brief for adaptive reuse of a current health care centre in Aberdeen. Throughout this stage, the decision was made that the salvageable structural reinforced concrete grid would be kept to reduce waste. Furthermore, the buildings would be clustered together to allow for shared facilities. The dental facility design was created with the NHS procurement template ProCure21+ in mind. A key feature of this is standardised room layouts, which result in a reduction of wasted space, materials and construction time; especially if the dental treatment rooms themselves are part prefabricated. Further additions include a generous light well to provide as much natural light as possible and a planting system to reuse rain water.