Retuning the Warp – Ila Colley, ESALA

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Financial Support

The James Miller Student Award

The James Miller Student Award has been established by the Trustees of the Mabel Harper Charitable Trust to commemorate the work of the late James Miller, architect of many important buildings in Scotland, including many mercantile buildings in central Glasgow, transport buildings including Wemyss Bay Station and Gleneagles Hotel.

The award exists to support British architecture students from the Scottish Schools of Architecture who are studying in full or part-time education on an approved course; it is designed to assist students who are facing hardship issues which affect their ability to complete all or part of their course.

Support for Students

Students will be able to use the money to purchase any support necessary such as books, equipment or to assist with field trips.

The Trustees will also consider applications from students for assistance in the period following their year-out. This may include full or part funding of course fees for this period.


For fairness, the Trustees have asked that we restrict the application period to run from the start of the new academic year each autumn until the end of the second full week in November.

How to Apply

To apply for an Award, you must first request the application form from the Membership Manager by email -

The completed award application form should be accompanied by a letter of support from the Head of Architecture Department or Practical Studies Advisor at the University and a completed RIAS Student membership application form (if required).