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Marjorie Appleton FRIAS

Practice Services Consultant

Joined: September 2010

Jennifer Bamford

Archive/Secretary’s Office Assistant

Joined: February 2017

Stuart Bryce

Manager:Bookshop / Design Certification Schemes Administrator

Joined: September 2012

Clare Cavanagh

Receptionist / Bookshop Assistant

Joined: August 2018

Elaine Dobie

Practice Administrator

Joined: March 2013

Carol-Ann Hildersley

Senior Manager: Secretary's Office

Joined: April 2010

Maureen Johnstone

Senior Finance and Administration Assistant

Joined: March 2003

Veronica Low

Manager: Commercial

Joined: May 2011

Louise McLeod

Senior Manager: Finance and Administration

Joined: November 1986

Janet Nixon

Manager: SBCC

Joined: May 2014

Charlene Rankin

Manager: Membership / RIAS Consultancy

Joined: March 2002

Maryse Richardson

Senior Manager: Practice

Joined: April 2003

Gemma Sinclair

Events and Communications Assistant

Joined: August 2018

Karen Stevenson

Acting Secretary

Joined: April 2017

Lorraine Sutherland

Senior Receptionist / Bookshop Assistant

Joined: June 2005