Maggie's Cancer Care Centre


Maggie’s Centres provide practical and emotional care for people with cancer, their families and friends, places where people feel at home, environments that are warm and supportive. Exceptional architecture can make people feel better. Grand in their ambitions, but designed on a small scale, Maggie’s Centres provide a welcome respite from typical institutional hospital architecture, their spaces a haven for those receiving treatment.

In 2007, Maggie’s Centre approached OMA to design a new centre close to the Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre. Instead of a series of isolated rooms, the building is an ingenious sequence of interconnected L-shaped figures around the central garden courtyard, minimising the need for corridors. The spaces feel casual but the design also provides for more personal moments.

Set like a pavilion in the woods, this elegant and welcoming building is carefully detailed, contemporary and cosy. With floor levels that respond to the natural topography, the rooms vary in height, with the more intimate spaces for private uses such as counselling, and more open and spacious areas with views out, for communal use. This is an exemplary healing environment and a huge credit to a dedicated client and their inspired architect.


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