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Call For Nominations

RIAS Presidential and Council Elections / RIBA Elections

Call for nominations for RIAS Council

The RIAS is indebted to members for their time and support as Trustees on RIAS Council, which generally run for 3 year terms. The Council is the body charged with providing the governance and strategy of the Incorporation. As a chartered or student member you can represent your colleagues in a variety of roles as a Trustee on RIAS Council including:

• President (elected annually)
• Chapter Representative (nominations by your local chapter)
• Incorporation Representative (12 national places where candidates stand for election by the whole chartered membership)
• Student/Associate Representative (2 places where candidates are elected by student/Associate members)
• RIBA Regional Representative (2 places, North and South of Scotland, who sit on RIBA Council as well as RIAS Council- administered by the RIBA)
• RIBA National Representative (anyone elected to the RIBA Council from Scotland can take a place on RIAS Council).

This year the RIAS and its Chapters are calling for interest in roles for:
RIAS President (elected annually but note below)
• Chapter Representatives (visit the Chapter websites)
• Incorporation Representatives on RIAS Council

NOTE: Presidential terms can run for 2 years but under our new Bye-laws the post requires re-election after 1 year. The RIAS President, Christina Gaiger, has confirmed she is committed to run for a second term and is supported in her candidacy by RIAS Council.

We will also assist the RIBA in nominations for RIBA Scotland South Representative (2 year term from 2021) / RIBA National Representatives.

The RIAS Trustees hope that members from all sections of the profession, and of all ages, will consider standing for election and that you can find a role to suit you, so that you can help to keep the RIAS relevant for its members.

Deadline for nominations is 4pm on Friday 30th April 2021.

If you would like to speak to your Chapter or someone already in one of the roles, please contact and we can put you in touch.

RIAS President 2021 – 2022
RIAS Council is seeking nominations for RIAS President 2021/22. Nominations are welcomed from Chartered members of the RIAS.

Christina Gaiger was elected President of the RIAS in June 2020 for a term of one year, with the option to stand for re-election for a second term.

The process by which the incumbent President seeks a second term is the same as for all other candidates.

Find out about the role, requirements and the process below:

Guidance Notes
Election Form

Incorporation Representatives 2021-2024
RIAS Council is seeking to fill four vacant places for Incorporation Representatives on RIAS Council for the coming session. Nominations are welcome from Chartered members of the Incorporation to fill these vacancies.

Find out about the role, requirements and the process below:

Guidance Notes
Election Form

RIBA Regional Representative - South of Scotland/ RIBA Nationally Elected Representatives
The RIBA will be seeking nominations for a Regionally Elected Member of RIBA Council for Scotland South, which is currently vacant. Members are encouraged to put themselves forward for this important role. Successful candidates will also sit as a Trustee on RIAS Council.

RIBA National Elections will take place in the summer. The timetable and further information will follow or can be found on the RIBA website.

RIBA Nationally Elected members who reside in Scotland will also automatically get a seat on RIAS Council.