RIAS Pandemic Impacts - Reflections from Retired Members

Thank you to all Retired Members who responded to the Surveys to allow RIAS to understand the impacts of Covid C-19 and Lockdown on their lives. A summary of the findings can be viewed here.

Our retired Members acknowledged in their responses that for the most part it is the next generation and practicing architects who are most hard hit by Covid C-19 and its effects. In common with practicing members and students most respondents care deeply about the issues that affect our profession – procurement, design quality, circular economy and climate change impacts. Their views on these key topics echo those points made in the member and practice surveys. In addition, there was a heightened understanding from the retired members of the importance of localism and communities.

When it comes to continued involvement in the profession; whilst some retired Members feel that they have been away too long from practice to be able to significantly contribute, others are active in RIAS/Chapters and in their communities. Many retired members really value their link with RIAS and wish in future to become more involved, most popularly through Mentoring and Discussion Sessions, to support others and younger members, through the Chapters and RIAS HQ. This key message and the others from all surveys will be taken into account as RIAS develops its strategic working in the future.

Karen Stevenson Acting Secretary
Christina Gaiger RIAS President

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