Climate Literacy and the Built Environment: Evening Session

Thu. 8 Apr 2021


£5 - £10 (+ BF)

£5 students
£10 general admission

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**Time: 7.00pm - 8.00pm

Online delivery of the 1-hour version of the Anthropocene Architecture School's Climate Literacy session.

This session was developed to address identified gaps in Climate Literacy in the architectural profession, built environment disciplines of all kinds and the public at large - so shall:

  1. Contextualise the Context of Climate Emergency: what it means, what that looks like, what the dominant narratives are and what this means for the international community in a contemporary and historical sense.
  2. Explain the Science of the Climate Emergency: to a necessary extent to understand its magnitude and the magnitude of the required response.
  3. Place the Built Environment into this Context: to stress its potential if business-as-usual is addressed and necessary action is taken - whilst also illustrating its impact today.
  4. Provide an Overview of Existing Solutions: pooling immediately accessible resources and strategies.

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