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Report on RIAS Council

December 2017

Council duly elected Stewart Henderson for his second year as President and thanked him for his continued efforts in steering the Incorporation during the last year.

Council adopted the Management Accounts up to the end of September 2017, predicting a net deficit of £57,185 compared to the budgeted surplus of £9,214 – an overall adverse variance of £66,399. The deficit relates to expenditure not included in the budget. Council also agreed to retrospectively approve the accounts for 2016 as submitted to OSCR.

The Membership Report was noted, with 8 deaths, 2 removals, 6 resignations, 16 transfers to Retired, 4 transfers to Retired Fellowship, 7 reinstatements, 72 elections to Student Membership, 14 elections to Associate Membership, 23 elections to Membership, 1 nomination to Fellowship and 2 nominations to Honorary Fellowship.

Council agreed improvements to RIAS governance arrangements including the appointment of Governance and Finance Committees with immediate effect. Karen Anderson FRIAS will Chair the governance committee and will be joined by other council members and specialist advisors.
These nominations and the finance committee arrangements will be put in place for the New Year. Both of these new committees will report to Council and will operate on interim arrangements pending the much-welcomed governance reviews.

Council welcomed the responses to the RIAS Strategy received from the Chapters after their workshop events. This feedback will be used to inform a memberships survey, proposed for the New Year and will help establish a new strategy in 2018.

Council approved updated arrangements for RIAS Services Ltd and welcomed a newly formed Board of Directors drawn from Council Trustees.

Council has asked for a refresh of the arrangements for this year’s Festival of Architecture and that the membership should be consulted on the scale/format for future years of the Festival.

Council agreed to refresh awards and competitions. They approved the proposal to bring the RIAS Awards more inline with the RIBA Awards, therefore launching the awards on the same day as RIBA launches its awards, revising the fee scale (including an early bird discount) and allowing re-submission to both the RIAS and RIBA Awards (only once).

The RIAS are closely involved in current discussions and initiatives relating to Building Standards and Procurement improvements. Council noted the updates and welcomed the significant progress that has been made that will bring improvements that would benefit members and the construction industry.

Council approved the Committee Schedule for 2018 which will include quarterly meetings of Council and the Presidents Policy Committee as well as specialist committees including Practice, Contracts etc.