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Report on RIAS Council

September 2017

Council adopted the Management Accounts up to the end of June 2017, showing a surplus of £6,359, compared to the budgeted surplus of £9,213 – an overall adverse variance of £2,855. This is an improvement to the forecast at the first quarter, which predicted a net surplus of £5,273. It was also noted that the format of future accounts would be reviewed.

The Membership Report was noted, with five deaths, nine removals, 11 resignations, four transfers to Retired, five reinstatements, 14 elections to Student Membership, four elections to Associate Membership, 22 elections to Membership, three nominations to Fellowship and one nomination to Honorary Fellowship.

Council agreed that comments on the draft RIAS Strategy for 2017-2022 should be sought from the wider membership (via e-bulletin).

Council approved an RIAS Position Statement on EU Regulations and the Great Repeal Bill. They also supported the re-tendering of the Scottish Building Contract Committee contract.

Council were updated on procurement issues and they supported the ongoing process of follow-up by the RIAS Practice Committee and the Secretary on the Cole Report and the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

It was noted that the management of the Under One Roof website is being transferred to Changeworks but was agreed that the RIAS should still be involved on its Steering Group and that Jocelyn Cunliffe would be the RIAS’ nominated representative.

Proposed actions regarding Building Standards Verification in Scotland were approved. It was agreed that clarification be sought on matters of service quality and competency and that our offer to help be reiterated.

It was also agreed that the RIAS would offer to facilitate a meeting between the various parties and provide a progress report for members, via the e-bulletin, asking that they continue to monitor and report issues so that we can contact other councils as necessary.

A schedule of revisions to the suite of RIAS Standard Forms of Appointment was noted by Council. This was prompted, in part, by users’ requests.

Council considered more strongly enforcing its policy on internships and non-payment of staff and agreed that fair pay should be a requirement of Chartered Practice accreditation. Council is also to consider improvements to the sound quality in the Council Room and to ensure that there is an induction loop for Council and any other meetings as required.