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Report on RIAS Council

June 2017

Council adopted the Management Accounts up to the end of March 2017, showing a surplus of £10,694, compared to the budgeted surplus of £9,213 – an overall positive variance of £1,481.

The Membership Report was noted, with 6 deaths, 3 removals, 18 resignations, 12 transfers to Retired, 3 reinstatements, 44 elections to Student Membership, 41 elections to Membership, 10 nominations to Fellowship and 4 nominations to Honorary Fellowship. Membership numbers are well over 5200, the highest they’ve been at any point in the RIAS’ 101 year history.

Council approved the draft RIAS Strategy for 2017-2022 and agreed to seek comments from the Chapter Councils and report back to Eleanor McAllister who will provide the final draft for September Council. The RIAS website/communications and social media visuals were also approved by Council.

Council noted the useful Culture Republic reporting on the Festival of Architecture 2016 and noted the update from Karen Stevenson, RIAS Director: Policy and Development.

Council agreed that the RIAS should have video and web conferencing facilities and a small group was set up to progress this.

An amendment to the wording in the RIAS Conversation Accreditation Guidance Notes was approved by Council to allow discretion in exceptional circumstances.

Council noted that the RIAS, having launched Under One Roof, was now talking to housing agencies and organisations with a view to finding a suitable long-term home for the site.

Timings of the RIAS Convention were discussed by Council to encourage more student participation. It was agreed that further discussions with the schools and student representatives should take place.

Council noted that RIAS Insurance Services had gone out to tender and that the fire protection at 15 Rutland Square requires upgrading.

Initial recommendations following the Cole Inquiry were noted by Council, following the meeting of a sub-group at the end of May. The recommendations will be refined further.

A two-pronged approach to local authorities regarding building control issues was noted by Council and it is hoped that his will improve matters.

The Incorporation’s media log was noted by Council, with around 25 significant articles/interviews since March.