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Report on RIAS Council

March 2017

Council adopted the Management Accounts up to the end of December 2016, showing a net deficit of £93,385 – an overall adverse variance of £40,436 on the budgeted deficit £52,949. This deficit is addressed by the Incorporation’s 2015 surplus (£80,000) with the remaining minimal deficit (c. £13k) very comfortably accommodated within the contingency of £100,000 agreed by Council in December 2013. Council also adopted the Draft Budget for 2017, indicating an overall net surplus of £9,213.

The Membership Report was noted, with 6 deaths, 3 removals, 18 resignations, 12 transfers to Retired, 3 reinstatements, 44 elections to Student Membership, 41 elections to Membership, 10 nominations to Fellowship and 4 nominations to Honorary Fellowship. Membership numbers are well over 5200, the highest they’ve been at any point in the RIAS’ 101 year history. Council agreed a special Fellowship for Ian Stuart Campbell recognising his achievements and contributions as an architect.

Council supported the proposed research and content for the RIAS’ 2017-2022 Strategy. Website, Communications and Social Media Strategies were also approved.

Council noted that the Festival of Architecture 2016 achieved all its goals and greatly surpassed many. All the RIAS Chapters engaged in Festival activity with enthusiasm. The ‘out-turn’ is 1.45million+ discrete visitors/participants in Festival exhibitions and events, 120+ partner organisations engaged in Festival activity, virtually every part of Scotland participated with many communities hosting mini-festivals of their own, comprehensive print and broadcast media coverage was achieved and an overall gain of £8.8m to Scotland’s economy. The approach for the month-long Festival of Architecture in September each year was also approved.

The extensive coverage following the Cole Inquiry was reported. Council approved the ongoing strategy of communications and Government liaison, post Cole. A small working group was proposed for the drafting of guidance notes.

Nominations are sought for four Nationally Elected Members to RIAS Council for session 2017-2020 (please contact if you are interested).

Council approved the proposal that the Incorporation could lend its support to the Stephen Lawrence Trust. This would be a positive and supportive gesture – wholly in keeping with the RIAS’ ethos and mission.

Council agreed to the revised mechanism for the Design Tutor Award. The cycle of the Award would be extended to allow for a refreshing of candidates. Entry criteria will stipulate that past interviewees would be ineligible for the next cycle.

Council noted the report produced following numerous complaints from Members regarding Building Control delays. The report highlights key issues and will form the basis of a submission to COSLA, the Scottish Local Authorities and Government.

The Incorporation’s media log was noted by Council, with around 37 significant articles/interviews since December.