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Report on RIAS Council

September 2016

Council adopted the Management Accounts up to the end of June 2016, showing a net deficit of £84,441 – an overall adverse variance of £31,492 on the budgeted deficit £52,949. This deficit is addressed by the Incorporation’s 2015 surplus (£80,000) with the modest remaining deficit of £4,500 comfortably accommodated within the contingency of £100,000 agreed by Council in December 2013.

The Membership Report was noted, with 6 deaths, 8 removals, 2 resignations, 2 transfers to Retired, 10 reinstatements, 27 elections to Student Membership, 104 elections to Membership, 1 nomination to Fellowship and 4 nominations to Honorary Fellowship. Membership numbers are now over 5000, the highest they’ve been at any point in the RIAS’ 100 year history. Charlene Rankin, the RIAS’ Membership Manager was warmly commended for her continuing endeavours.

Council agreed to a policy statement from the President on Brexit, jointly released by the four UK architectural bodies (RIAS, RIBA, RSAW, RSUA) and the RIAI.

Council supported the President’s ongoing endeavours on the European Single Procurement Document (ESPD) to ensure it is translated correctly for Scotland and is not susceptible to legal challenges. Council noted that Brian Moore has produced a worked example of an ESPD compliant PQQ.

The re-launch of the RIAS Practice Directory for 2017-2020 was agreed by Council, with ‘early-bird’ and Chartered Practice prices being held at 2013/14 rates.

The success of the Festival of Architecture 2016 has demonstrated both a public appetite for architecturally themed events and the fact that such activities enhance the public standing of the profession. One of the goals of the Festival is that it should generate a positive “legacy”. Council approved the proposal for a month-long, self-funded, Festival of Architecture in 2017 onwards.
The Incorporation has been invited by Scottish Enterprise to contribute to a review of international activity by Scottish construction industry professionals. Council approved a focus on internationalisation for 2017 and beyond.

Council noted the Scottish Government appointed independent panel’s report on the ‘root and branch’ review of the planning system. They agreed a letter should be sent to the Minister, raising key areas of involvement where the RIAS should be actively involved in working groups.

Council approved the Secretary’s proposal for preliminary legal examination of an issue raised regarding a chargeable completion certificate scheme by a local authority.

Council agreed to the drafting of an official RIAS response to the Independent Inquiry on the Construction of Edinburgh Schools. This was to be written by David Dunbar PPRIAS and the Secretary and signed off by Council.

Concerns were raised over the re-organisation of the National Trust for Scotland (NTS). It was agreed that the Secretary and Conservation Committee Convenor take up the matter with the Chair of NTS if there was no satisfactory response from their letters to the Chief Executive.
The procedures for nomination and election of the RIAS President 2017-2019 were approved by Council.

Council approved the review and update of the RIAS Strategy 2017-2022. The RIAS Panel of Adjudicators and the RIAS Committee Schedule for 2017 were both noted by Council. Council also noted the UK Government’s standard levy which is to be imposed on larger employers. This will require those with a wage bill of over £3m to pay 0.5% of monies over this figure into an apprenticeship ‘pot’.

The Incorporation’s media log was noted by Council, with around 400 significant articles/interviews since March.