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Report on RIAS Council

September 2015

Council adopted the Management Accounts up to the end of June 2015, showing a revised positive out-turn of £9,466. The Membership Report was noted, with 7 deaths, 1 removal, 1 resignation, 7 transfers to Retired, 1 transfer from Retired to Full Membership, 23 reinstatements, 17 elections to Student Membership, 16 elections to Membership, 2 nominations to Fellowship and 13 nominations to Honorary Fellowship (10 of which were nominated by the RIAS Centenary Committee). The continuing positive trend of new memberships significantly outnumbering departures was noted. Charlene Rankin was formally commended for her endeavours.

Council agreed to support the establishment of a ‘boundaries group’, to report in 2016, after inconsistencies were raised.

Council deliberated on the proposed plans for changes to architectural education and agreed that a form of words be drafted.

A proposed amendment to the explanatory text for the Chapter and RIAS Awards was approved, allowing free, but not automatic, entry to the RIAS Awards by the Chapter Supreme Award winners, providing they meet the criteria and if timings permit.

Council agreed to a proposal that events in the RIAS Headquarters which require dedicated input from RIAS staff or overtime working, should be charged a modest rental rate in future.

Council noted correspondence to the Cabinet Secretary regarding Perth City Hall and endorsed the continued pursuit to save it from demolition.

Council noted the report on the Scottish Parliament Joint Housing Policy and Delivery Group meeting provided by Malcolm Fraser.

Council noted the points raised at a recent CDM Review meeting, chaired by Past President, David Dunbar and is seeking further legal guidance.

Council noted the names of those who were successful in interview and who are now on the RIAS’ pilot Specialist Register in Public Sector Procurement. The RIAS intends to promote the register as a useful tool in the current process of implementation of the review of Scottish Public Procurement.

Council approved a proposal to increase the choice of site signboards to include one which is dedicated to Chartered Practices. The criteria for the upcoming CPD event on adjudication was also approved.

Council noted the Incorporation’s media log, with around 33 articles/interviews since June.