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Report on RIAS Council

December 2014

Council noted the Management Accounts up to the end of September 2014, a revised positive out-turn of £5,554 to 31st December 2014 and adopted the Accounts.

The Membership Report was noted by Council with 9 deaths, 6 Resignations, 9 Transfers to Retired, 15 Reinstatements, 1 Transfer to Academic Membership, 213 elections to Student Membership, 36 elections to Membership, 1 Nomination to Fellowship and 2 Nominations to Honorary Fellowship. The positive trend of new memberships significantly outnumbering departures was noted. Charlene Rankin was formally commended for continuing to do an excellent job.

Council approved the formation of a small, member-led, group to determine the costs, staffing and legal implications of possible future delegation of regulation to Scotland and its possible administration by the Incorporation.

Council approved the adoption of a declaration for all future room hires/uses, whether by members or outsiders, to ensure political neutrality.

As Jack Hugh FRIAS has now retired, volunteers/nominations were sought from Council to continue Jack’s former role as Head of Certification (note – Michael Jarvis FRIAS subsequently volunteered and the President has agreed his appointment – with gratitude). Council also approved the appointment of Mark Hopton FRIAS as RIAS’ house architect.

Council endorsed the view of RIAS’ Contracts Committee that the proposed new academic representation on the Board of SBCC is not logical as it could create an imbalance of professions.
Council agreed to the re-naming of the RIAS Drawing Award to the RIAS Andy MacMillan Drawing Award. A+DS was also asked to seek approval for the naming of the lecture within the A+DS/RIAS Scottish Student Awards as the MacMillan Lecture.

Council noted and approved the ongoing RIAS commitment to the Tenement Handbook website (Under One Roof). The Incorporation’s contribution is as the facilitator and publisher of the new website.

Council noted the RIAS Convention update. Venues have been confirmed for both 2015 (Malmaison, Dundee, 15-16 May) and 2016 (Mansfield Traquair, Edinburgh 13-14 May).

Council considered whether RIAS Fellowship criteria should be altered to indicate penalties to be applied if Members are suspended or receive heavy fines from the ARB. It was agreed that there should be no additional penalty from the RIAS. Council did agree, however, that the ARB should be asked to review their overly demanding procedures apropos English Language Examinations for prospective architects.

Council noted the new proposals for the James Miller Award (student hardship). In future, the Mabel Harper Charitable Trust intends to donate to the RIAS a single payment of £5,000 each year for the Incorporation to support the fees of students suffering hardship.

Council noted the statement which had been issued to all Members regarding the Incorporation’s concerns about the RIBA’s new suite of contracts. They are untested in court and not appropriate for use in Scotland. Further communication with RIBA and JCT was agreed.

Council discussed concerns raised by two senior members about exclusivity agreements in tendering processes. This is when a submitting practice requires that a co-professional should only partner with them in the tender. It was felt that this was the nature of the business and not an area where the Incorporation should attempt to sanction.