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Report on RIAS Council

December 2013

Council was welcomed to the Carnegie UK Trust offices in Dunfermline by Robin Watson FRIAS, Chair of Carnegie Dunfermline Trust. Council adopted the Management Accounts up to the end of September 2013. The improved out-turn of £1,263 for the year was also noted.

The Membership Report was noted by Council with 7 deaths, 10 Resignations, 4 Removals, 18 Transfers to Retired, 5 transfers to Retired Fellowship, 6 Reinstatements, 126 elections to Student Membership, 37 elections to Membership, 7 Nominations to Fellowship and 4 Nominations to Honorary Fellowship.

The co-option of Martin English to Council from March 2014 was agreed, to ensure communication between the Industry Leadership Group and Council.

A proposal from the CEAM Committee for the Incorporation to give consideration to the implications of the 2014 Referendum was welcomed by Council.

A mechanism for funding the 2016 programme was agreed with 100 practices from each Chapter being asked to contribute a minimum of £1,000 each. Staggered payments from smaller practices will be accepted. Participating practices will receive significant publicity throughout 2016.

Council agreed the President’s proposed root and branch review of the Incorporation’s committee structure. Similarly a Quinquennial Review will record what the Incorporation has been doing for the benefit of its membership. Both will be reported to Council in March 2014.

It was agreed to extend the present free platform for practices to advertise staff vacancies in their offices to offer a semi-recruitment service with a database of unemployed members with their CVs, based on Chapter areas.

It was agreed that advice would be given to practices on the need to retain important insurance documentation to guard against future legal actions.

CIAT has persisted in their contention that their members are of equal standing to architects in public procurement processes. Joint action with RIBA will be pursued. RIAS member, Peter Gunning, has started an e-petition which the Incorporation has agreed to promote through our bi-monthly e-bulletin.

Council noted an update on the latest position with the Standards Commission on the Incorporation’s complaint in respect of Glasgow City Council’s treatment of Council employees and abuse of procurement procedures.

The proposal to make approaches to the Scottish Judiciary and Government on the recent derisory for misuse of title was supported by Council.

The achievement of Ministerial approval for members of the RIAS Energy Design Certification Scheme to provide a Section 6 – Energy (non-domestic) scheme was noted with acclaim.
Council agreed to support the authors of the Glasgow Tenement Handbook, Annie Flint and John Gilbert FRIAS, towards online publication.

Covell Matthews’ success in winning their appeal on the City Council’s actions in the sale of 37 Cammo Road, Edinburgh, was positively noted.

Council approved the EHTP Committee’s proposal for RIAS to meet with the Scottish Government’s Chief Planner to give further consideration to the inadequacies of the Local Review Bodies, in house appeals process (a meeting between the Chief Planner and the President has now been arranged).

New application forms and guidance for Conservation Accreditation were approved by Council for issue in 2014.

A report on the RIAS Chartered Practice Scheme one year on confirmed that it has attracted 379 practices out of 416 practice services subscribers. Council noted that the Chartered Practice scheme would be promoted in the December issue of the RIAS Quarterly and targeted CPD events offered next year.