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Report on RIAS Council

September 2013

Council adopted the Accounts with a revised forecast out-turn of £4,866 to 31st December 2013. The Membership Report was noted, with six deaths, four Resignations, three Removals, nine Transfers to Retired, 14 Reinstatements, 31 elections to Student Membership, 21 elections to Membership, four Nominations to Fellowship and three Nominations to Honorary Fellowship.

Council considered the RIBA subscription increase to £393 for 2014 and the effects on the RIAS only rate. RIAS subscriptions have been pegged at the 2007 level. Council approved that the RIAS only rate should continue at £360 for a further year but that subscriptions should rise to £380 for 2015.

Following the Government’s announcement of the 2016 Year of Architecture, Chapters were requested to co-ordinate a month of events and nominate two representatives to the co-ordinating committee.

Council noted the draft Educational Survey which is under consideration and the Jan 2014 target for issue. Council heard that traditionally RIAS and RIBA Presidents have enjoyed reciprocal membership of each other’s Council. As the RIAS President is a long standing RIAS only member the RIBA has refused to allow him to vote on their Council unless he joins the RIBA which he considers inappropriate. The RIBA is not agreeable to change their byelaws.

Council approved a staff small loan scheme. With regard to the outcome of the George Square Competition, Council were informed that the publication of the Standards Commissioner’s conclusions and the determination of Audit Scotland were still awaited. Council supported the introduction of a quinquennial review of Chapter representation on the Incorporation’s committees.

The Robertson Trust, the main funder of the Millennium Fund projects can no longer continue this funding but has indicated that new support may be available in 2015/2016. Contact with the Carnegie Trust has identified the possibility of potential funding in the future. Council supported progressing those initiatives.

Council supported the ISOCARP Placemaking and Urban Improvement Workshops in Dundee in 2014. Council noted the success of the Valuing Conservation event held in June 2013 at the Story Telling Centre with over 70 delegates and commended the two responses to Historic Scotland (HS) consultations on the merger and listing.

The Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists contends that CIAT qualifications are equal to those of architects. The Secretary proposed to write to the RIBA to ask for their view on the matter.

Discussions have taken place with the new Chair of the Industry Leadership Group, Ed Monaghan, to press for more accountability in the Group’s constitution and improvements in its industry links. Past President, David Dunbar and the Secretary were asked to pursue a further meeting.

The Incorporation has taken independent advice on the continuing damp ingress into the basement and sub-basement at 15 Rutland Square. A proposal has been developed to counter the problem. Council approved a budget of £70,000, exclusive of VAT.

Council approved the new arrangement with HEADS Ltd to provide the IT system, support, CPD and expansion for the RIAS Energy Design Scheme. Council noted the initiatives being pursued with RIAS Insurance Services to extend the range of insurances which could be purchased within one “wrapper”.