Report on RIAS Council

March 2013

Council noted the Management Accounts up to the end of December 2012 and the surplus of £349.00 and approved those for adoption and submission to the AGM in May. Following the finalisation of the 2012 figures, the Draft Budget for 2013, indicating a surplus of £1,161, was adopted by Council.

The Membership Report was noted by Council with 13 deaths, 10 resignations, 15 Transfers to Retired, 1 Transfer to Retired Fellowship, 1 Transfer from Retired to Full Membership, 12 Reinstatements, 7 elections to Student Membership, 30 elections to Membership , 10 Nominations to Fellowship and 4 Nominations to Honorary Fellowship.

Applications for Chartered Membership of the RIAS became simpler with Council’s decision to remove the need for the signatures of two ‘referees’.

Council noted that preparation for the Festival of Architecture in 2016 continues and the programme is under development.

A proposal from the Education Committee to seek the views of the profession on what they require of architecture graduates was approved by Council.

Student membership and engagement with the RIAS recently increased significantly and Council adopted a proposal to ask the student bodies to nominate to all RIAS committees. Student committee members will have full voting rights (though not on Council which is governed by the RIAS Charter).

Council approved revised Terms of Reference for the merged Communications & Events Committee with the Membership & Awards Committee (now C.E.A.M.) and the Consultancy Committee with the Scottish Government & Local Authority Liaison Committee (now the Government and Consultancy (G&C) Committee).

Prior to RIAS Committee minutes being published on the website (redacted if necessary) Council adopted a procedure for early circulation of all committee minutes for comment.

Council noted that the proposed changes to the membership application form and a previous decision on expulsions could not be implemented until approved at the AGM in May.

A further payment of £2,500 from the Chapter Fund to the Inverness Chapter was approved by Council. A proposal to review Chapter funding was also agreed.

A proposal from Home Energy and Data Services Ltd, owned by Richard Atkins, that it should go into partnership with Just-Ask Ltd to provide the IT system for RIAS Energy Design Certification and the day to day administration was discussed by Council who agreed to remit further negotiations to the Secretary and Treasurer.

Council thanked the three retirees from Council and asked for nominations from Fellows and Members to fill those vacancies. The procedure for the election of new Council members was approved, namely that if there are more than three candidates an election will result. Nominations are requested by 19th April for reporting to the AGM in May. Council also approved Gordon G Smith’s candidacy for the RIBA Council Elections to represent Scotland North.

A proposal to introduce an RIAS Legacy Giving initiative was approved by Council.

Council was given an update on the outcome of a further meeting with ARB Chief Executive, Alison Carr, and ARB Chair, Beatrice Fraenkel. Good progress on resolving issues impeding their acting against abuse of title in Scotland and on Scottish legal representation was noted.

Reassurances were given on the ARB membership register and an indication that there may be a possibility of linking it to the RIAS Practice Directory.

Council agreed that a strong protest should be submitted to Strathclyde University on the proposed move of the Strathclyde School from its longstanding, bespoke accommodation to the basement of the James Weir Building.

Council discussed the outcome of the George Square Competition and agreed on a report to Members being made, Audit Scotland being advised on the out-turn of events and communication with the Chief Executive of Glasgow City Council.

The budget cost of £65,900, exclusive of VAT, obtained for the remedial work to the rear garden wall was reported to Council who approved further discussions with the City of Edinburgh Council on apportionment of the costs.

Council noted the radical changes that the RIBA is proposing in its Plan of Work and that developments would continue to be monitored.

Council, following its preliminary approval last year, endorsed the continuing development towards a scheme of Accreditation in Construction Procurement by the Practice Committee.