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Report on RIAS Council

December 2012

The Council meeting included a presentation from the ARB Chief Executive, Alison Carr, in response to RIAS concerns on recent Scottish cases. There was a brisk question and answer session with promises of follow-up on issues raised. That was followed by an enlightening short presentation on the work of the Dundee School by Graeme Hutton, Associate Dean, Head of Architecture & Planning, University of Dundee.

Council noted the revised forecast surplus of £5,407 in the Management Accounts to September 2012. Adverse costs were offset by positive variances on membership subscriptions, awards, and the costs of the Secretary and President’s office and staff.

The Membership Report was noted by Council with 8 deaths, 15 resignations, 13 transfers to Retired, 26 removals, 13 transfers to Retired membership, 6 transfers to Retired Fellowship, 4 Re-instatements, 1 election to Affiliate Membership, 229 elections to Student Membership, 22 elections to Membership, 3 nominations to Fellowship and 2 nominations to Honorary Fellowship.

The Scottish Government’s method of measuring the strength of responses to consultations by ignoring the weighting of the responding organisations was discussed and it was agreed that a different way of responding will be put in place where possible.

An application from the Inverness Chapter to draw down funds from the Chapter Fund was agreed. £10,000 of the Fund will be designated for 2016 activities.

The RIAS is a partner in the online Dictionary of Scottish Architects, founded by Professor David Walker. It was agreed that support for the continuation of the Dictionary in the present partnership model was in accordance with the Scottish Government’s wishes for public/private endeavours.
Council noted that David Dunbar PPRIAS and Stephen Lynas FRIAS, President SSA, had applied for membership of the Construction Scotland Industry Leadership Group, the Government’s forum.

The implications for the Incorporation of the impending 2014 Referendum require consideration and it was agreed that Practice and CEAM Committees review this issue and report back to Council.

The proposal to establish a task group to consider the development of a BIM Manager Accreditation Scheme (BMAS) was agreed by Council. This group will report, through Practice Committee, to Council.

Council also agreed that Practice Committee should review ideas around procurement accreditation. It was also agreed to propose a self-lodged sPQQ which practitioners and businesses would retain and amend for lodging for specific projects as required.

Council noted that the third audit of the Energy Design Certification Scheme has been successfully completed remotely with no ‘serious causes for concern’. It was also agreed that an application for the establishment of a Section 6 – Energy (Non-domestic) should be made and also that an EPC Scheme Guide be prepared and lodged. Council also approved the submission of a Section 7 – Sustainability Scheme, covering both domestic and non-domestic.
The success of this year’s RIAS Awards was noted by Council who also agreed minor variations respect of shortlisting projects.

The Incorporation’s involvement in the Beechgrove Garden community projects had produced a significant profile and Council agreed to continue with a further year’s funding with a detailed review in September 2013.

The continuing saga on the remedial work to the Incorporation’s garden wall has progressed after positive discussions with the City of Edinburgh Council. A proposal for rectification is in progress of preparation and costing.

Reports were received and noted from Committees, from the Chapters and RIBA Council.